Feel It (vs. Tiësto) [With Sean Kingston & Flo Rida]

Three 6 Mafia

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2009-12-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:59

Music Video


  • Flo Rida?

    By GrayBGirl500
    Where is he? I LOVE this song, but Flo Rida's part is the best. Creative, great video. It would be 5 if Flo Rida was featured. :/
  • Were is Flo Rida?

    By SoMichael
    I hear his verse, but i don't see him
  • WACK!!!

    By jamjack75
    Paul & Juicy have let me & ALL 3/6 fans down!!! Techno is NOT their genre, & this is NOT gonna make u ho platinum. Get back 2 ur roots & F' this Hollywood ish!!!
  • Awesome

    By WaterBoy Monkey
    I don't care what people say about their techno, this song is beast, catchy, great and a good club banger
  • 3 6 mafia

    By Insomniakk jr.
    It was the best video ever
  • Amazing

    By Seanie_G
    I really like how artists are dipping into different genres to create unique sounds. I am so tired of all of the labels, and people being closed minded about music. Music is what you feel, so do whatever you want. Screw the lable people have place on you. I really like all of the artists involved individually, and I think they dd an amazing job with this track.
  • Eastside4Life

    By SteveMarco
    I love it. I think it's great when artists branch out. Unless it's like an extreme like Timbaland & Miley Cyrus... But tiësto?? Amazing!! I'm sure their album will still have the same southern sound some of us grew up loving, and then other tracks they keepin up with the times. Trying something new. Keeping it fresh. I'm all for it. Love collabos. Love mixing it up. I'm really feelin this track right here!
  • No Way

    By southside4lyfe
    This is a discrace, Paul and Juicy have ruined the classic Memphis sounds with this trash, Ever since Koop, Gangsata Boo, T-Rock, The Kazi, And Lord Infamous left the group they put out nothing but garbage, What are they tecno now? Im ashamed to have been there #1 fan at one time there lame's
  • I heart them.

    By BrittanyMichelle<3
    I love them. Always have. Always willll! <3britttt*
  • Nice!!!!!!

    By Bbfett