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  • I’m new to Chromeo

    By Stephen_beadle
    I found this looking for something new. I struck gold!! Can’t wait to hear more!! Brilliant!!
  • Gets You MOVING

    By deejaydrew
    Chromeo's music is out of this world. Groovy Vibes!!!
  • Awesome Album!

    By goats rule
    This is a great album.
  • I've been waiting for this album since 1985

    By D-String
    This is one of those albums that crawls under your skin and itches. At first I thought I'd heard this in the mid 80's, but I quickly realized that I hadn't. Chromeo balances on a razors edge between kitsch and ground breaking, and after about my 15th listen, I have to lean towards the ground breaking side. I wake up humming Chromeo songs before I realize what's running through my brain. That's a good thing in my world. I'm a new fan of these guys, and having listened through their back catalog, I love how they've evolved on this album. It's definitely more Chromeo, just bigger and brighter Chromeo. The future looks Chromeo'd.
  • Is this what the women at your workplace want to hear???

    By Kentucky F. Chicken
    I, personally, don't like Chromeo as much as I should. Though their second album, "Fancy Footwork", was great, THIS, on the other hand, is NOT EVEN CLOSE. Granted, there are a few good songs (all of the ones that have been made into music videos), but the rest just sounds like stuff that you'd listen to while having $3X (especially J'ai claque la porte, whatever that means). After reading my honest complaints, think about listening to this in your workspace. Yeah, no one will ever love you, thanks to this.
  • Awesome!

    By MiltonGreenfield
    Such a great album- I've always been a fan of Chromeo. This album was too long in coming; every song is catchy, dancy, and perfect for going out on the town.
  • Chromeo Bringing Back the Funk!

    By Onaps
    I heard "Don't Turn the Lights On" on the videogame FIFA '11 and immediately looked these guys up. One of the best decisions I have ever made!
  • Gloriously Cheesy Electrofunk, brought to you Canada

    By mr. explosives
    Chromeo is a Canadian electronic/dance duo and this is their thrird album. There really isn't much to "get" about Chromeo, they make simple, straightforward, dance music with some very strong funk and disco influences. "Business Casual" isn't much of a change from their previous LP, "Fancy Footwork" but probably the biggest change here would be that Chromeo take it down a notch with the electro, with some slower ballads such as the track "J'ai claque la porte" which is sung completely in french. Probably the best point on the album would be the showstopping midsection of "Night by Night", "Don't Turn the Lights On", and "You Make it Rough", they are just great dance numbers that will get you moving instantly. The album does have its bad points though, the main issue being the corniness, I mean at some points Chromeo just sounds like an outdated Bee Gees tribute band. Yet Chromeo never take themselves too seriously here and you shouldn't either, just take this record for face value and party like its 1983 all over again. STANDOUT TRACKS: "Night by Night", "Don't Turn the Lights on", "J'ai claque la porte"
  • I heard it all the way through,but nothing on it will I want to listen to again.

    By Tony writes acceptional motha bluckin reviews
    I have been waiting to hear the latest from chromeo. When I heard it, It wasn't a surprise to hear that they haven't changed their style. Chromeo even says that they're genre is a shameless 80's (Dance, Pop) band. "Business Casual", does sound like what you imagine 80's music to sound like. If it works for you-- even after 2 albums of the same stuff-- then spend your $9.99.
  • Electrofunk at its modern peak.

    By kingfish.
    Chromeo is on the cutting edge of 1983, and I like it.