I'd Rather (feat. Unk) - Single - Three 6 Mafia

I'd Rather (feat. Unk) - Single

Three 6 Mafia

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2008-04-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1



Title Artist Time
I'd Rather (feat. Unk & Unk) Three 6 Mafia 4:51 USD 1.29


  • I'd rather listen to Eminem or Weezy

    By Fleury2934
    This song is trash who ever likes it has no sense of music

    By theheadfors
    The title says it all and try turning this song up super loud with a subwoffer and the bass is UNBELIEVABLE
  • *****

    By GangstaGrillz
    three 6 mafia just gets better and better....click yes if three 6 is tha best !!!
  • good song

    By candyman9489
    This song has got an insane beat and decent lyrics but the lyrics are pretty dirty though but not as dirty as some stuff plies does.Today is june 22nd and i already have Last 2 walk cuz it leaked.Let me tell yall sumthin the whole cd is insane from the first track to the last.They got their classic old rap skills but have club bangin beats.Its better than c3 by like 10 times so lil wayne is not the best rapper alive.This album is gonna be their best work done yet.The whole albums hard from the lyrics to the beats and they aint mainstream sounding but expect their beats to be club bangin And not underground sounding.All yall real three six fans will love the album and never listen to c3 again.I still listen to c3 but it gets boring after a while but three sixes new album is bangin so when it comes out get it however you can.They got pimp c on this album and its the last song youll ever hear of him.the song i got pimp c does the whole hook and project pats in the song to so you know its a great song.Hopefully p.pat will become an official member of 3 6 mafia.They are the best rappers today in my opinion.All yall stuck on lil wayne will change yalls mind when u hear this cd.Dont let this song fool u and make you think mainstream cuz if you think the whole albums like this song its not.This albums a masterpeice so cop it.
  • The Production is unbelievable..

    By Eminem #1 Fan
    very great beat.. gets you going with the song, no matter how dirty or disguisting it is..
  • the song of the year

    By da kang of the chi
    this song is one of three 6's best idky people say its bad man freedom of speech this song should be on erybodies ipod
  • WOW

    By dabike
    They are much better than HANNAH MONTANNAH
  • So True...

    By FreakDogg
    Three 6 Mafia does it again. It's about time we had a new song that explores the hilarious explicit content about oral sex. Don't get me wrong "Slob on my knob" is a classic...but this is great. The funny thing is the girls love this song just as much!
  • Id rather get sum head too!

    By spectre_66
    dis song is three 6 mafia material
  • classic....

    By ballatwenty4
    classic three 6 mafia. it's hard and funny at the same time. great song