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  • WOW !!!! NOT TO BE MISSED !!!!

    By VanDave
    Maestro Junkin has taken this ensemble to the next level with this recording. It is amazing in every sense of the word. The Daugherty work - Niagara Falls - is intense and exciting. What a thrill it must be to be part of the premiere Wind Symphony of our time.
  • Not bad - but did Elsa trip on the threshold?

    By kalt_und_dunkel
    The Dallas Wind Ensemble is an awesome ensemble and all of the works on this album are performed well and with great interpretations. Balance is very good, clarity (something usually lacking in Wind Ensemble recordings) is stellar quality. However, those who download this album hoping for a good rendition of Lucien Calliet's transcription of "Elsa" are going to be in for a shock. The climactic final chord suddenly brings in a pipe organ and church bells (???) along with a bizarre out-of-context quote from the Prelude to Act III. The final effect is breathless - breathless as in "flattened by a steam roller." Admittedly, any transcription of the Procession is going to have problems because the original version in the opera was never intended to be performed in isolation - but there was nothing wrong with Calliet's version and there was no use the bombastic explosion that concludes this version. I see no reason to downgrade my rating because of a single song, but I do not reccomend this for persons only interested in Elsa's Procession.