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  • It’s very good.

    By wolf slayer 777
    Don’t listen to the people saying “ oh the hype didn’t live up to this” No! This album is very good and I’m already getting the physical record I love it so much. It’s very technical, brutal, and beautiful. Art work is very cool too. The art shows the vibe of the music. Just listen to the whole thing.
  • Death Metal for Millennials

    By Grvc4
    I just don’t get the hype. Maybe I’m just too old school. These guys are certainly talented, but the songs just meander along without amounting to much (just like most millennials!) The vocals are just downright abysmal. Good DM vocals need to be dynamic and change it up a bit as the music goes through its various twists and turns. This is just monotonous growling, and actually detracts from the intensity of the music. A word of advice from a veteran Death Metal listener and musician: Put the bong away when you are in the recording studio.
  • Psychedelic Death

    By Caleb8991
    This band is insane with mixing old school Death Metal style and psychedelic ambiance. The theme is amazing on this record as well as the lyrics. Production is top notch and complements the album perfectly. Buy. You won’t be disappointed. 🤘
  • The hype is real

    By Lorenzo_Von_Matterhorn
    Don’t be shocked when you start seeing this on every top 10 list at the end of the year. Absolutely amazing record.
  • buy it....drop out ......and listen

    By Oct31Bob
    i had seen Blood Incatation on tour with Necrot and the live show was and both bands were awesome to see live. Blood Incantation are a stand alone band that you should listen to while working in the garage and or taking the trip to other instellar demensions.So take some advise from this 47 year old dude and buy it and support bands that you like and go see them live when you have the chance,so these bands can continue to make music that will blow your mind..............thank you Blood Incatation.....fyi...........i will buy in Itunes and also the cd.