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  • Amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    By Kt1248
    Came back with a whole different approach and style and murdered every track been a amerie fan my whole life basically and she has not disappointed pure fire and chill ambient music . Keep up this good work beautiful
  • NOOOO!

    By Hawkins693
    As much as i love Amerie, this is just awful, try again gurl!
  • YES

    By SeVen6969
    My Lady A is Back!!! Amerie Sings her heart out Even Mary J Blige said so
  • I Wanted To... To Like It

    By SUNdizzleO7
    Amerie, Bay-bee what happened. You were so good with your other albums that I only thought it would keep getting better and better so people could keep hearing you so you wouldn’t be underrated in this day and age with all these other gimmicks the ones out are doing but you did just the same and now it doesn’t feel the same. I tried to like this album. I don’t know, I want to support but it’s lacking the artistry and the auto tune isn’t it 🙅🏽‍♂️
  • 😓😔

    By iFreddiebabess
    When I saw that she came out with an album, I got really excited because I still listen to her old songs and I LOVE them; However, I was disappointed when I listened to this album. Every song on it sounds exactly like the one before it and it’s a completely different sound that I feel doesn’t go well with her. I’m hoping that she reconsiders this sound and try something else. I’m so disappointed 😔.
  • You are NOT The Weeknd.

    By B.burr
    That awful auto tune noise is NOT for her. She should have released this stuff under her misspelled name instead. Miss the old sound and her beautiful voice.
  • Day 1 Amerie fan

    By SG1817
    I absolutely love this album. When I first listened to it I thought it was very different from her past music but I love it!
  • Underrrated

    By PamelaRoseStoyko
    Both eps are beautifully written, complex compositions. Pleasantly surprised. Its rare to hear an artist evolve. I hope she continues to put out even more books and music. Her best yet!
  • This fire

    By sweetpea _loves
    This ep is fire I don’t know what everyone is saying a heart’s for the breaking is fire sums up how I feel
  • Underrated

    By sirNader
    Amerie is everything Beyoncé wishes she could be. Beyoncé stole her sound big time. I love the production and the songs are excellent on this and the prior ep released. I’ve had these on nonstop! Love love love your voice Amerie!!